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László Dienes


Professor of Comparative Literature


László Dienes's research interests include Russian literature of the last two centuries, literary theory and aesthetics in general, poetry and poetics, cultural studies, and Russian and East European cinema. His book entitled Russian Literature in Exile: The Life and Work of Gaito Gazdanov (first published in Germany in 1982) was translated and published in Russia itself. He is also the editor of the first ever three-volume "Collected Works" of this writer, first published in Moscow in 1996, then reissued in a much expanded five-volume version in 2009. His teaching interests include comparative culture and literature courses, Nabokov, Solzhenitsyn and the themes of exile and emigration, Russian film, especially the works of Andrey Tarkovsky and Alexander Sokurov, spiritual cinema, and a course on "Digital Culture" and a graduate seminar on "New Media," a look at the new cyberarts and the artistic, social, political and psychological implications of the digital revolution. His recent publications include a contribution to a collection of scholarly articles entitled Gaito Gazdanov and the "Unnoticed Generation": A Writer at the Crossroads of Traditions and Cultures, published by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow in 2005, for which he also served on its editorial board, and an introduction to the first English translation of this writer's novel Night Roads, published by Northwestern University Press in 2009.

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