Barbara Zecchi



Professor of Film, Gender and Iberian Studies


Barbara Zecchi received a PhD from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
in 1998, with a dissertation on violence and representation. After teaching at
different universities in Spain and in the US, she joined the University of
Massachusetts Amherst in 2005 and was promoted to full professor in 2015.
Zecchi's research and teaching interests include gender studies and feminist film
theory, adaptation theory, digital humanities and videographic criticism. In addition
to about 50 articles and book chapters, she is the author of the monographs La
pantalla sexuada (Cátedra, 2014) and Desenfocadas: Cineastas españolas y discursos
de género (Icaria, 2014), and of the edited volumes Gynocine (Univ. Zaragoza,
2013), Teoría y práctica de la adaptación fílmica (Complutense, 2011), La mujer en la
España actual, ¿evolución o involución? (co-edited with Jacqueline Cruz, Icaria,
2004),  Sexualidad y escritura (1850-2000) (co-edited with Raquel Medina,
Anthropos, 2002), among others. She is currently working on her new monograph
with the tentative title of El género (sexual) del género (cinematográfico). She has
lectured extensively in Europe, the US, Canada and Latin America. She is currently
directing the Digital Humanities Project Gynocine: A History of Women's Cinema
funded by the University of Massachusetts. She is serving as director of the
Translation Center and co-director of the Digital Humanities Initiative Project of the
same university.

Research Interests:
Film Studies, Feminist Theory, 19th and 20th Century Spanish Narrative.


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