The Pompeii Bibliographic and Mapping Project is directed by Eric Poehler, Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Director of the Five Colleges Blended Learning and Digital Humanities Programs.


The team assembled for the PBMP’s application to the National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Implementation Grant program includes:

  • GIS Architect, Alexander Stepanov, UMass Division of Administration and Finance, directs all aspect of spatial data management and display.
  • UMass Librarians have been and continue to be instrumental to the PBMP: Aaron Rubinstein, University and Digital Archivist (2013-present);  Ron Peterson, Discovery and Integrated Systems Coordinator, (2013-present); Annette Vadnais, Information Desk Supervisor and Tiered Reference Assistant,  (2013); and, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen (2011-2013), Digital Strategies Coordinator, Systems and Web Management.
  • PBMP Assistant Director for Bibliographic Resarch, Daniel Armenti, organizes our students and interns and captains our bibliographic data transformations.

ACLS/NEH Advisory Board

  • Joanne Berry. Lecturer, Swansea University, UK. Founder and Editor-in-Chief for Blogging Pompeii.
  •  Ian Carswell. Executive Vice President for Cardinal Intellectual Property (CIO); software developer and entrepreneur.
  •  Gregory Crane. Professor of Classics, Tufts University and Editor-in-Chief of the Perseus Project.
  •  John Dobbins. Professor of Art History, University of Virginia. Director of the NEH funded Pompeii Forum Project.
  •  Bernie Frischer. Professor of Classics and Art History, University of Virginia. Former Director of UCLA’s Center for Digital Humanities (1997-2004) and UVA’s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (2004-2009). Current Director of the Rome Reborn Project.
  •  Alex Milowski. Developer and entrepreneur; Adjunct Instructor, School of Information, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Richard Taupier.  Associate Director, Research Development, , University of Massachusetts Amherst and Graduate Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (GIS).

UMass Team (2010-2013)

The first bibliographic database was built by Mikhail Semenov, under the supervision of Steven Rigler and the first GIS map was developed in partnership with Vim Tingle of MainStreetMapsDavid Smith, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, Department of Computer Science; UMass Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval consulted and collaborated on plans for natural language processing of the full-text repository.

Students and Interns

  • Jackson Mitchell – Bibliographic Database student supervisor, 2013-2014
  • Nora Donoghue – Bibliographic Database student supervisor, 2011-2013
  • Christopher Caro, IT, web development.
  • Reed Silverstein – IT, web development.
  • Elizabeth Mather – GSLIS Intern, bibliographic development and metadata.
  • Laura Garcia – GSLIS Intern, digital collections.
  • Elizabeth Caron – GSLIS Intern, bibliographic development and metadata.
  • Daniela Kotorobay
  • Ahmad Hamssa
  • Juliana Van Roggen
  • Marcus Papandrea
  • Liz Weiss
  • Jacqueline Odigie
  • Colin Nelson
  • Miya Thomas
  • Ethan Liu
  • Danielle Crochetiere
  • Sara Chen
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Danielle Dyer
  • Heather Pastushok
  • Hadley Patten
  • Jenna Panunzio
  • Susan Lin
  • Marissa Orlando
  • Epiphany Holmstock
  • Heidi Yoon
  • Veronica Fontes
  • Stephanie Garcia
  • Kia Weaver
  • Emily Arnold