• The New England Corpus of Heritage and Second Language Speakers

    An online corpus of oral and written production of heritage and L2 speakers of Spanish and Portuguese in New England. The development of this corpus will help to document the linguistic pluralism of New England, and allow future generations to study language change by heritage populations in this region.

  • The Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project

    Despite being a subject of intense scholarly study for centuries, Pompeii lacks both a single, searchable bibliography and a standard, up-to-date map. When complete, the PBMP will be an exhaustive subject repository searchable through a GIS map that will solve both these problems and offer powerful search methods that will revolutionize research on the ancient city.

  • GynoCine: A History of Spanish Women’s Cinema

    This open access database offers unique resources related to the production of the first two generations of women directors in Spain, providing digitized copies of ephemera and films that have previously only been viewable in the Film Archives in Madrid.


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