Five College Event: New Media in Feminist Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism


The FCWSRC, 83 College Street, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley

Flashback to Sultana's Dream: Rural Women Journalists using New Media in India 
Disha Mullick draws from the experience of a group of rural women journalists from marginalised communities in Uttar Pradesh in northern India. This presentation looks at whether access to information and new media technology has informed the specific, situated voices of these journalists, as well as the ways reporters represent themselves and their worlds using such technology.  

Considering Some Transnational Aspects of LGBT Digital Media
Eve Ng's presentation touches on the recent study of LGBT media has centered on the media of the U.S. and other Western countries, which have been the source of many well-known films and television programs.  Yet there has been little research on how digital technologies facilitate the production of LGBT media outside of the global North, or how the circulation of LGBT texts globally is informing the production of queer communities and identities in culturally specific spaces. In this talk, Ng draws on interview data and site analyses to examine the production and consumption of LGBT digital media in the global South. In engaging new media research with postcolonial sexuality studies, she considers  questions around media and globalization, the politics of visibility, and sexual citizenship.