A GIS primer for the Digital Humanities


The Digital Humanities Lab, Herter Hall 19G

"Where?" is one of the crucial questions in Humanities research. This presentation will introduce Geographical Information Systems software, highlight its basic functions and illustrate the power of data-driving mapping in the Digital Humanities. Participants are encouraged to bring questions about how their own research might utilize GIS. These questions will be addressed at both a theoretical (can it be done? / what is the value?) and practical (what do I need? / how do I build it?) level.

This workshop will be led by Eric Poehler, Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at UMass. Professor Poehler teaches courses on archaeology and urban environments in the ancient world. He is especially interested in the use of GIS and other types of digital technologies in archaeological work. In 2010 he and his team in Pompeii garnered international attention when they became the first archaeological team to use iPads to help with mapping and recording data during archaeological field-work.

If you'd like to attend this workshop, please RSVP to digitalhumanities@hfa.umass.edu by the end of the day on Friday, November 11.